"James, thank you for all your support and help with therapy.  Best wishes & Run to Win"
Meb Keflezighi (Winner 2014 Boston Marathon, 2009 ING New York Marathon, 1st Place 2012 USA Olympic Trials Marathon, more)

"I know many massage healers in San Diego but when referring for massage, I always think of James first.  "Bodywork isn't just what he does, it's an extension of who he is: compassionate, intuitive, and awesome.  He channels the power and relaxation of massage into a true healing art."
Simone R (San Diego)

"As an elite athlete massage work is not a luxury but an integral part of reaching optimal fitness.  I met James through the San Diego Track Club and had my first session about a year ago.  During peak training I see James on an almost weekly basis.  His ability to feel what needs work is uncanny.  I absolutely recommend his services."
Nick B (San Diego)

James is the best massage therapist I have ever had the pleasure to work on me. He is a highly trained masseur. His ability to read my body and push the massage to the edge in order to get the most benefits is without a doubt incomparable. I have found him to be friendly and relaxed. After every massage, I have left feeling like a new person, totally relaxed and stress free. He has worked on some issues I have had and have found his therapeutic techniques to be highly effective. As a long distance runner I find his talents to be extraordinary. Personally, James is the only massage therapist that I will go to if I have any problems that I want to get worked on."
Eloy R (San Diego)

"This was my first massage, and I was absolutely amazed at how great I felt afterwards.  I will send all the people I love and care for to you!"
Julia O (San Diego)

"This is my second, and certainly not my last massage with James.  I have had massages for years, mostly by a trusted woman friend.  I appreciated James understanding my reticence in having a male massuse.   Minutes later, I was enjoying his professional, skilled, and highly relaxing massage.  I would recommend him to anyone (male or female a any age) who needs a master massage therapist."
Alannah S (San Diego)

"I have had longtime pain and stiffness in my back and shoulder. It was getting so bad that I was getting ready to see a doctor. A friend of mine told me to go check out James and see if he could help me out before I start taking drastic measures.  I wasn't a big believer in message therapy as a long term solution. I always thought that it was temporary distraction from the pain. Talking to James was the best thing I ever did. He was very honest and informative. We talked about some of the things that might be causing the discomfort and things in addition to massage that I could try. I decided to give massage and him a shot. He was very receptive to how I was reacting and making sure I was comfortable during the session, especially since this was my first time. After 3 good sessions, I can say that my back and shoulder pain have gone away and my muscles are relaxed / un-knotted (if that's a word). I'm confident and glad to know that a good massage from the right person can make you feel much better.

Thanks James, I will definitely pass the word on."
Dan L (San Diego)

"I would highly recommend James, he is a gifted bodyworker. I have been to many therapist over the years and he is for sure one of the most talented. He has a very relaxing touch and is very good at deep structural massage. Check him out he's AMAZING!!!"
April W (San Diego)

"I have enjoyed several massages with James.  He is a masterful massage therapist.  James is exceptionally intuitive, and crafts each massage to my needs in that moment.  he has relieved significant neck, shoulder, and lower back pain.  I have experienced massage from several therapists, and James is simply the best massage therapist I have had the good fortune of working with.  I highly recommend James."
Michael T (San Diego)

"I've had many massages from James and he does exceptional work! He has provided me with headache relief almost instantly and he has helped  me manage chronic neck pain and stress. James also has given me therapeutic pre- and post-running body work, which was key in getting me through marathon training and the recovery afterwards!"
Amy P (San Diego)

"Excellent hands! Strong and smart- Helped tremendously with your deep tissue work!"
Grace B (San Diego)

"I've been a massage therapist for over 25 years.  Working with James is the closest I've come to feeling what it would be like to work on myself.  He does excellent work, and I've already recommended him to my brother."
Darryl B (Stuart, VA)

"I had to undergo surgery for one frozen shoulder, but I continued to have problems with it afterward.  I really started to worry when my second shoulder froze as well, thinking I'd have to endure another painful surgery.  James helped me work through the shoulder issues, and now I have full range and am pain-free, all without surgery!"
Colleen M (San Diego)

"I'm a professional firefighter and have had many massages in my life to help my body recover from the demands of my job.  If you want the real deal, go to James.  He really knows his craft."
Lee S. (New Mexico)

"James has an amazing ability to sense energy movements within the body and intuitively know where to go to work out blockages.  After our first session I was free of my chronic headaches for a week, and after the second session I have been headache-free for a month!"
Mike M (San Diego)