ELDOA is a stretching and strengthening system created by French osteopath Guy Voyer to open up the spaces between the joints and in the vertebrae.  This creates more space, flexibility, relieves pain, reduces pressure on the spinal nerves, recalibrates the body's range of motion, and recalibrates the proprioceptive nervous system programming (how the body holds itself in space).  These ELDOA's are a tool for the client to be an active participant in their own health and healing, and can be utilized every day to increase strength, performance, and function to all areas of the body.

Structural Bodywork 
Structural bodywork emphasizes bringing the body into it's most ideal alignment with gravity, so that it can move and hold its form with the least amount of effort.  Utilizing a broad range of myofascial release techniques, it helps remold the fascia (the connective tissue and scaffolding of the body responsible for holding your body's postural position).  It also realigns and lengthens musculature, and retrains muscular actions and holding patterns to help correct postural misalignments and improve performance.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue massage accesses the entire muscle and surrounding tissues, not just the surface aspects.  It differentiates and separates individual muscles and muscle fibers, which aids in proper body alignment.  It also elongates and kneads tissues to help regain flexibility and compressibility, and opens up space for greater blood circulation. 

Sports Massage
Sports massage is a crucial component of an athlete's training program.  It lengthens muscles, breaks down scar tissue deposits thoughout the body, prepares the body for top athletic performance, and aids in recovery after training and sporting competition.

Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT)
A therapeutic form of bodywork designed to find and erase causes of pain through the use of trigger points.  It also breaks down scar tissue and adhesions between muscles and fascia, which improves muscle performance and function.  It can also "retrain" the nervous system by helping it transmit nerve impulses correctly and eliminating negative holding patterns to better maintain ideal structural alignment. 

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)
Craniosacral therapy is an osteopathic system that tunes into different rhythms of the body (cerebrospinal flow between the head and the sacrum, primary respiration, small cranial bone movement, and different fluid tides), and helps unwind holding patterns and dysfunction in the skull and spinal cord by creating release and harmony on deeper levels.  It can be utilized as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with more physical bodywork, and can be done with the client fully clothed.

Pre/Post Natal Massage
Nurtures expecting mothers throughout the pregnancy and after delivery.  It helps ease the tension that can arise during pregnancy, especially in the lower back and feet.  It also reduces stress, as well as the development of sciatica and thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) which can cause nerve pain down the arms and legs.  It recognizes the special considerations that each trimester presents to the expecting mother, and helps the body recover after delivery.

Assisted Stretching (Active and Passive)
Stretching is a key component to improving muscle pliability and increasing overall function and structural alignment.  Passive techniques emphasize the importance of relaxing through a stretch, and assisted (active) techniques help retrain the brain on activating the proper musculature through movement.