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Beth Peckham
Kensington Acupuncture

Beth is a marathoner, and has a lot of experience working with athletes as well as regular acupuncture clients.  She has great knowledge of acupuncture points and sensitivity with the needles, always knowing exactly how far to go to hit the point comfortably.  I felt so much better after my session with her!


Dr. April Walker

April is one of the best chiropractors I've worked with.  She comes from a long history of bodywork and active release, and incorporates soft tissue work with her adjustments to make them more comfortable and effective.  Great sensitivity to go with her knowledge base!

Personal Training: 

Physical Therapy:

Rusty Tassinari
Tassinari Physical Therapy

Rusty helped me diagnose and treat a drop-foot running injury I experienced a couple years ago.  He's great with client education and very knowledgeable, and I'd recommend him to anyone needing a good PT to rehab an injury!

 Running Clubs and Training:

San Diego Track Club

I've been a member of the San Diego Track Club for over 5 years, and it is truly a special organization.  The coach Paul Greer (a world-class runner in his own right), fosters a feeling of community among club members. He divides the workouts into different groups, from people who have never run in their lives to elite runners who have been running for years, so that everyone can train within their abilities and grow accordingly.  Come check them out!

Ignis Coaching

Team Ignis has recently added coaching plans for athletes of all skill levels to help everyone improve their training to maximize their results and better achieve their goals.  I am currently training with Pete Hess, an elite runner who coached at Temple University.  He brings a lot to the table, and is also a great guy who is a naturally gifted motivator for those days you just don't want to get off the couch and go train!

Infinite Running

My friends Rob Hill and Hawi Keflezighi started Infinite Running in order to help give dedicated runners access to professional-level training and maximize their performance.  They do this while also supporting professional runners so that they can focus all of their time and energy training and developing their own abilities further.  Great organization, and they've done a lot for the sport.

Salon Services: 

Walter Todd Salon


Walter Todd has been voted "Best Salon and Day Spa" by San Diego City Beat, and has received national recognition for its exceptional quality of service.  The owners and staff are wonderful people, and I recommend them highly to anyone looking for a great stylist or just looking to be pampered!


Simone Ressner

Simone's great!  She is a knowledgeable yoga instructor as well as a kind and compassionate person.  She teaches beginning and advanced-level Vinyasa flow classes, and is prenatal certified.  She is available for private, couples, and group classes, as well as corporate events.

Jennie Olson


I've taken classes with Jennie for over a year, and she brings wonderful energy and mindfulness to her Power/Vinyasa yoga classes.  She is highly intuitive and adaptive, and uses her Iyengar influences to help integrate the poses to each clients' abilities.

Heather Thurman

Heather has been practicing Bikram Yoga for 10 years, and has been teaching since 2009.  Yoga has brought health and healing to her life, and now she offers the same to her clients!

Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga

Pilgrimage of the Heart is a great studio located on Adams Avenue in Normal Heights.  Sujantra McKeever, the owner and meditation instructor, has put together a group of wonderful teachers with great monthly rates.  He also offers community classes at no charge on a weekly basis.

Friends and Community Partners


Athletic Wear:  

Ignis Triathlon

I've known Nick Bernal (owner of Ignis Triathlon) for many years.  A dedicated and talented athlete, he also is very involved in his support for athletics and the athletic community.  A good friend and wonderful person, he recently started his own company for triathlon athletic wear here in San Diego!

Event Planning: 

At Your Side Planning

Diana Romero, founder of At Your Side Planning, makes planning the big day effortless.  She has a unique talent for listening to the desires and concerns of her clients, and then bringing their vision together in seamless fashion by assembling the best venues, vendors, and resources available.  Contact her to find out how to make your next event truly spectacular!