Health and Wellness:

Physical Therapy
Running Clubs and Training



Beth Peckham
Kensington Acupuncture, Kensington

Beth is a marathoner, and has a lot of experience working with athletes as well as regular acupuncture clients.  She has great knowledge of acupuncture points and sensitivity with the needles, always knowing exactly how far to go to hit the point comfortably.  I felt so much better after my session with her!

Simone Ressner
Source Empowered Wellness, Pacific Beach

Simone has created a wonderful healing space for community acupuncture, and she has built up a talented group of healers of many different disciplines that offer quality and affordable sessions.  I have known Simone for many years, first as a yoga instructor, then a Thai massage therapist, and finally as a talented acupuncturist.  She draws from many different sources of knowledge and is extremely intuitive!


Bianca Page and Jeff Greenlee
Carriage House Chiropractic, University Heights

Conveniently located in my office building, Bianca and Jeff specialize in a functional medicine and rehabilitative therapy as well as performing chiropractic adjustments.  Rather than simply putting their clients on a weekly visitation schedule, they both spend a great deal of time getting to the root cause of the dysfunction and then giving their clients tools to help them strengthen these areas so that they can achieve long-term health and independence.  I've worked with both of them personally and have sent many of my clients to them as well, all with great results!

Emily Mayo
Mayo Chiropractic, Pacific Beach

I came to hear about Emily from several of my clients and fellow therapists, all telling me about her vast experience and skills as a chiropractor and how much relief she was able to bring to them.  I finally went in and scheduled a session with her, and I was highly impressed with her knowledge of the body, her adjustment skills, and her toolbox of exercises and stretches that she had to give clients after the session!

Physical Therapy:

Rusty Tassinari
Tassinari Physical Therapy

Rusty helped me diagnose and treat a drop-foot running injury I experienced a couple years ago.  He's great with client education and very knowledgeable, and I'd recommend him to anyone needing a good PT to rehab an injury!

Running Clubs and Training:

San Diego Track Club

I've been a member of the San Diego Track Club for over 5 years, and it is truly a special organization.  The coach Paul Greer (a world-class runner in his own right), fosters a feeling of community among club members. He divides the workouts into different groups, from people who have never run in their lives to elite runners who have been running for years, so that everyone can train within their abilities and grow accordingly.  Come check them out!


Jennie Olson

I've taken classes with Jennie for over a year, and she brings wonderful energy and mindfulness to her Power/Vinyasa yoga classes.  She is highly intuitive and adaptive, and uses her Iyengar influences to help integrate the poses to each clients' abilities.

Heather Thurman

Heather has been practicing Bikram Yoga for 10 years, and has been teaching since 2009.  Yoga has brought health and healing to her life, and now she offers the same to her clients!